As you maybe already have seen my name is Oskar Nilsson. I was born in 1988 150 kilometres west of Stockholm, Sweden (Köping). There I lived until I was 18 years old when I moved to Lund near Malmö in the southern part of Sweden to study Physics Engineering.

Since my father is a birdwatcher, I guess my destiny has always been ending up in the forest ;).. Well, at least that's almost like the story ends. I ended up at dumps with these fascinating gulls!

Gulls, why gulls? What I find so interesting about them is their individuality, that they all don't look the same; they all don't follow the exact same moulting pattern and they all have their own personality! Sure, I guess Willow Warblers don't all look the same, but can you see it? Take a look at the next gulls you see and maybe you'll find a spark of fascination too!